Monday, October 18, 2010

the beginning

I have wanted to start a blog on my passion in sewing for ages and decided to go for it.  Here we go (drum-roll), sweetheart studio!.  Its a studio dedicated to show everything sweet and everything i heart.  I'm inspired by sewing/crafting blogger community since the born on my first daughter.  My passion in sewing started during my school days. I still remember the day i cried when my mom could not find me a sewing class when SPM was over.  Luckily we did find the class, even though I managed to learn for about 3 months only before i pursue my studies. I am really thankful to my mom for it.

Now, finding time to do what i heart is crazy.  I am a full time working momma, working in a really stressful industry.  How i wish to be a full time momma to my sweetheart, Raisya Arianna and to have the luxury of time to do the things i heart. Please feel free to peep on my blog and hope you have a good day!

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