Monday, October 25, 2010

Military Inspired Dress

I bought this shirt at 'uptown kd' for 5 ringgit. It was L in size that would fit normal 7-8 years old kid. I bought it because i love the color and because, hey, its five ringgit 'maybe i can do something with it!'

Then, as i was searching for an idea to refashion it, i found this piece from pumpkin patch.

nautical stripe and denim dress
 and i was like, yep, i can do this. So this morning, i tried it and i was extremely happy when it turned out like this.

With 5 ringgit plus rm1.80 for the button and not to mention daddy's old black shirt, i made this beautiful dress at a fraction of pumpkin patch price. haha, clever. me like it!

scha like it too..

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