Friday, November 19, 2010

Baju Kurung Pahang

My friend aka my colleague, Mimie asked me to sew 'Baju Kurung Pahang' for her after I've sewn two for my other colleagues. 

She gave me somewhere in the middle of October (if i'm not mistaken). She said she wanted to wear it during Eidul Adha. 

BTW, before i continue, sewing for adult is not my cup of tea. I take order like this because i don't want to turn them down. I prefer to sew for little ones since it's easy. I am not a seamstress by profession. Plus, my sewing skills in traditional attire is very limited. Remember this post. I learned it for about three months only. The rest comes naturally to me :p

So continue with the story, being tired/lazy myself, i kept putting off sewing this baju until today. I just finished sewn the baju sans hand stitches on the hem. I thought of sewing the skirt until late of the nite. But my shoulder asked me to stop. Sorry Mimie!

I doubt my measurement skills. I hope it fits her perfectly. Like Raisya's 1st Baju Kurung. I made it for her 1st Eidul Fitri celebration last year. She was 5+ months. It's a scrap fabric from my baju raya. Haha, there goes matchie matchie. 

Ah, Mama missed your bald head, darling!


puan. said...

Yeah,we bought last year baju raya together at jakel.konon nak ambik kain sama,skali xcukup meter daaaa! Haha..last2 momy n famly pki kaler kelabu taik hanjing!.eh,evry year la we go raya shopping together kan kan! Hihi..

Marlene Anna Malek said...

Ehm, kita nyopping pon rushing je..hates fabric shopping with the guys!next time ladies only :p