Thursday, November 4, 2010

Buttoned Jumper Dress

This is a very simple buttoned jumper dress that I made for Raisya.  
It can be worn alone or with legging.
I love the colour of the dress and the button. 

That's my label. Ngee....
*Handwritten label using fabric pen*
kojodesigns shared this tutorial on their blog.
I have a plan to have my own woven label, 
but i am not sure whether it is the right time to have one at this point of time.
what do you think? should i order it now or later.

( i have been dreaming to have my own booth at a bazaar/online shop,
 so i want the label very badly-
will my dream come true?)
Insya Allah

1 comment:

dya said...

baju ni siyes cantek..
button die pun comel.