Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fabric Shopping

I'm craving right not. Nope. Not for ice-cream but for fabric.
Fabric shopping makes me happy.  
Fabric shopping pushes my stress way.

And this is my latest collection of fabbies.

Cute japanese cotton fabrics i purchased through
online store called Fabric Fanatics.

I bought 3 yards of cotton and linen just to test the water.
I've feel and I've used designer fabric before but not japanese linen.
 I think i couldn't find it anywhere in our local store.
I think it makes cute gathered clutch since its thicker than cotton.
Maybe I can use it for my first giveaway
to a lucky reader of this blog (if there is any!) :D


Anonymous said...

try maymayshop. pilihan fab yg cecantik skali...


Marlene Anna Malek said...

thanks nisa!. Dah tgk maymayshop. I would definitely stop by!