Friday, November 19, 2010

Home Sweet Home

We will be moving to Cheras next year. To our own little house. Though i have plenty of decoration plans/ideas for the house, i'm a bit hesitant to leave Kota Damansara.

I love KD for so many reasons. Its near to Mutiara Damansara which houses Ikea, Ikano, The Curve, Tesco and Cineleisure.  Its very well-connected and makes shopping a breeze. KD itself is well-connected through NKVE and DUKE highways, which makes 'balik kampung' easier and faster.

Oh, I'm not loving KD just for the sake of shopping. Shopping mall is not a reason for my hesitation. I just couldn't believe that I will say goodbye to my babysitter. My hubby and I never had a problem with our babysitter.  Raisya too. I don't know if i can find somebody like her.

Back to my decoration plans, lotsa inspirations can be found at www for our little house.

Our existing sofa is purple in colour.  Since we're in tight budget, we will keep the sofa. I just need to put small pillows like the image found at Design Sponge and Juicy Bits to spice it up. Just find a good print and voila!

For the bedroom, I'm inspired by this image found HERE. Most of the things are thrift finds.  How clever!

All of the areas to decorate, definitely my sewing room is my first priority. 
I have been dreaming to have my own sewing studio which will only be fulfilled once i move to our new house. 

Here some of the images which makes me cry, literally. Cry out of jealousy.


The Cottage Mama


Zura said...

Hi yana! Beautiful blog and beautiful sewing, thank you for dropping a comment in my blog so that I can find yours! Fabric shopping? I do that all the time coz I have serious addiction but recently because I'm also selling. Keep on sewing girl, you got talent! *hugs*

Marlene Anna Malek said...

Zura, I've send e-mail to your inbox. So sweet of you commenting my blog!Thanks.