Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My attempt to sell

How about these lovely trio? Would i be able to sell? 

I made these "Sweet Strap Dress" last weekend in my first attempt to sell my handmade items.  They were so easy and so much fun to make especially once i master how to sew bias strap on the curve.

I had no idea how to embellish the dress so i put the 'yoyo' on two of the dresses. All these are in 2T size. Why 2T? It's simply because my daughter would be happy to wear them if they didn't sell. 

Interested? Please let me know :D

Note:  All dresses were taken. For the pink dress, i added yoyo as requested. Thank you D and K.Wan.


puan. said...

Momy la tu akan jd pembeli setia! Malangnya blm punya baby gurl! Insyallah..1day,,amin!!! Chayok chayok!!

MamaIman said...

yana, tempah satu utk liyana...hehe comel je tgk baju2 raisya...

Dee said...

Heheh baju dah belasah dah tp ongkosnya lupa lagi donggggggggg... hehehehe