Sunday, December 5, 2010

Gathered Sash Dress

Phew! Finally, I've finished sewing this dress.  It took me almost a day to finish.  Something went wrong yesterday, I didn't know why. To make the gathered sash itself took me twice of cutting, sewing and pressing. But it's worth every efforts.

This dress is made specially for Raisya to wear on her aunt wedding, a day after this coming Christmas.  It is so-called 'flower girl dress' for Raisya since the wedding theme is purple.

Oh, i almost forgot.  Did you notice anything wrong at the bottom of the dress? Haha.. I dont' want to hem the skirt simply because:

First: I am lazy like that.

Second: I think its kinda short, then I just send finish the seam's edges at a local sewing supplies store here in KD ( so it won't take much fabric rather than hemming)

The fabric i used for the dress is viscose. It's really soft and flowy. I think it's very comfortable to wear all day long. 

Ok guys!  Stay tuned for more new and fun kids clothing as I am working really hard on it. (kids clothing? well, it's actually my daughter's clothing)


puan. said...

Uish glammmmyer...kilat2! Ni kalu jd flower gurl sesuai la pki kan,,,

Marlene Anna Malek said...

mmg glam... sbenarnye x kilat sgt. gambr je.. sash tu fr faux thai silk... yg org buat awning tdg tu..