Monday, December 6, 2010

It is called Petal Top, to me it's PJ's

I bought a book at Kinokuniya, KLCC last week.  It was Emma Hardie's book named making children's cloth. The book was worth every rm. I am so wanna  sew all the clothes and kids accessories in the book.

It came along with a pattern which means 'yay' for me.  No need to draft pattern from old existing cloth as a guide (as i normally did and it works).

First try was this Petal Top, which to me it's a PJ's for Raisya.  It has long sleeve, suitable for night wear.  Raisya doesn't have a sleepwear.  All her sleepwear are normal T-shirt and pant which can be worn during the day. So i consider this as her PJ's.

The fabric for the top is from Fabric Fanatics, which i bought and posted last month.

The legging she's wearing is made from RM5 XL shirt i bought at Carrefour, KD.

Enjoy Raisya's many faces when i asked her to be a model and pose for the camera.

"I am confused with mama.  What is she trying to do?
Asking me to stand on this chair? It's wheely mama!"

"Never mind. I smile. Are you happy?"

"You're happy. I'm not!"

Sorry darling, you're my model forever. Keep smiling!

Is she laughing or crying? Tell me.

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