Monday, December 26, 2011


Raisya Arianna.

I feel so blessed having you as my daughter. I always wanted a girl as my first. When my hubs and I were at the gynae's office to find out the sex of the baby and found out it was a girl, I was so happy. Tears rundown my face. Allah answered my prayers. My hubs was actually hoping for a boy but he was okay as long as the baby is healthy. There are many reasons to be happy for having a girl. I absolutely cannot imagine not ever having a daughter. That was literally all I longed for in life and I was so thankful to Allah for that. 

Mother of girl, do you feel the same as I am?

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Ikea Sewing Shop Showroom

Really liking this sewing space (sans sewing machine) in Ikea. I think this is the first time Ikea featured such space in their showing room. 

Sample Tunic Dress

I'm on my block leave starting 19-23 December. I'm really looking forward for a long leave like this to catch up with my overdue sewing projects. But, that's not the case. Too many family matters to attend to. 

On Monday, I managed to sew one sample tunic dress for Raisya. 

I called it sample dress because I sew it using remnant fabric that I had (the same fabric as Arianna Dress that I posted a while ago).

I wanted to make sure that the sizing is correct before I can cut my cute (and expensive) stash of fabrics. I just need to tweak a little bit on the neck, button back closure and embellishment on the front dress. The rest is just perfect.

Sample dress in action. Loving our shoes. :)

Friday, November 4, 2011

Selamat Menyambut Raya Haji

As a refresher (to myself):

Raya Haji = Eid-ul-Adha = the Day of Sacrifice

"It is a celebration to remember the Prophet Ibrahim's willingness to sacrifice his first born, Isma'il to Allah"

It is a time for us, Muslims to learn the value of self-denial by making sacrifice (for those who can afford to) of something living to Allah to show our commitment, obedience and self-sacrifice to Allah.

<3 Allah
<3 Muhammad

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Arianna Dress

Presenting to you, Arianna Dress. A simple dress with flutter sleeves, buttons closure at the back of the dress and a simple pocket. It can be worn with or without legging. Cute for a little girl or even you! .)

<3 <3 <3

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Beach Robe Pattern from MADE

It's been forever since I said I wanted to show you a Beach Robe that I made using Dana's latest pattern.

I did share these pictures on my personal Facebook shortly after I finished sewing. These pictures were taken using my camera phone. I thought it were crappy to use for this blog. I wanted to share a professionally taken photo to show off my hard work. What I mean by professional photo here is a photo taken by ME using a real camera on automatic mode not a camera phone. Slap me in the face right now! Haha....

But guess what?! I didn't get a chance to take the photo until my precious camera is broken recently (teardrops on my face). So yeah.. Call me a procrastinator!

By the way, I hope you enjoy an edited terrible phone pictures (turned out quite good as compared to my "professional photo").

Psst: I love the colour of the robe. It's coral!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Wide Waistband Skirt Dress

As usual, I would bring to you an outdated, cheated post on my sewing project. Outdated because this skirt dress is done in September. Cheated because I didn't have any recent sewing updates to post except this one.

Raisya had 1 Guess skirt dress that was a gift from my BFF, Mary (not a real name =p).

She clearly had outgrown that skirt. 

So I thought of making a new one for Raisya in a less complicated version. It is actually sleeveless top (minus the collar) which sewn together with wide elastic waistband skirt - the most interesting part of the dress.  

Seen here are the pictures of Raisya wearing the dress with a crop cardigan from Seed since we were in Genting when the pictures were taken. 

click on the image to enlarge
I listed here my source of materials for making this dress:
  • Top - shirt fabric from People Textile. It's expensive. Please opt for a thrifted shirt if you thought of making one.
  • Skirt - striped fabric from Isetan Textile (not Isetan in KLCC, ya friends!)  
  • 2-inch Wide Elastic Waistband - sewing supplies shop next to Hong Leong Bank in Petaling Street.
Till then, see ya!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

sick is not cool

October is a sick month.

My husband, myself and my brother (who is staying with me) all got it one after another.  

Here is the chronological of event of our sick October.

7th October - First my husband and my brother were down with fever. 

9th October - My brother was admitted to the hospital because of Dengue. Dengue hit badly in my housing area. There would be a fogging taken place every morning and night.

10th October - I started to get chills and feverish. I showered and went ahead to the office by the way.  As I was talking to my Boss, I started feeling cold then hot then cold a companied with a headache. I went to the clinic and doctor gave me MC that day. 

11th October -  I couldn't get up from the bed but still I need to see the doctor to get my MC. My temperature was 39 and doctor gave me MC for two days. I didn't have any symptoms of Dengue. My father came from hometown and brought "Crab Soup" for my brother. Not a regular crab but Ketam Nipah. Crab soup is said to increase your platelet and cure dengue fever.

12th October - I rested at home. I have no appetite at all since the first day of fever.

13th October - I went to the office and decided to see the doctor again when my colleagues notices that I'm sick and says to me " You should think about calling the doctor's office to find out if they think you should come in. My eyes were red but I felt nothing wrong with it. Doctor took a blood test and gave me MC and also referring letter to the hospital in case the test came out positive for dengue or viral fever.  She asked me to wait until noon. Luckily, the result came out negative for Dengue. I decided to stay at the office since it's already 2 p.m but did nothing at all. 

14th October - My eyes were still red and I feel pain on my right cheek. I went to the office as usual and my Boss give me permission to go back early. While I resting that day, I finally found out that I had infection on my wisdom tooh after some "googling". Thanks Mr. Google for the info! That night I started feeling pain on my gum and cheek. Later in the evening my brother was discharged from hospital. 

"An infected wisdom tooth can appear to be a common problem, because most people do not have enough room on the jaw for this kind of tooth to erupt.  Wisdom teeth have a high probability of developing abnormally, which dentists call an impacted wisdom tooth"

More on the above by reading this link

15th October - My right cheek swollen. I hurriedly met a dentist and she found out I had an infection in my bottom right wisdom tooth and because of it my face was swollen. She asked me to take medicine to reduce the swell and and also antibiotics to clear up before schedule for removal.

20th October - My wisdom tooth finally removed. It was painful I tell you. I feel like screaming and crying when the dental surgeon made the incision into my gum. Yes, local anesthesia was given but I still can feel the pain. I can not wait to end the session. My mouth hurt. The extraction requires stitches. Arghhh..... it was the most painful experience I had with dentist and also painful for the wallet. It costs me RM700.60.  After 1 hour, the procedure completed. I couldn't talk. The gum was bleeding and I had to bite on a roll of gauze for several hours, no until night.

I headed home and as I was lying on the sofa, my husband texted me and said he was admitted to Prince Court because of appendix. He asked me to send his clothes. That night he went for an immediate surgery. As I felt very weak to drive, I had to wait for my brother to brought me to the hospital. Me and my daughter slept on the sofa bed in the ward that night. My gum still bleeding.

21st October - We just resting in the hospital. I'm craving for nasi. I only can eat something soft and cold either from the fridge or room temperature. 

22nd October - My husband finally discharged from hospital. Alhamdulillah. He was given a week MC to rest. 

As I wrote this I still feel a little tingling and throbbing pain on my gum.  My husband trip to Japan today is cancelled due to medical reason.

There goes our October. So, no sewing updates from me even though I really miss sewing.  My beautiful fabric sitting pretty on my table waiting to be sew.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Peasant Dress Continues

Peasant dress story is not over yet. I wanted to share with you the lovely back view of the dress. Front view as in this post did not do justice to the sweet dress. The dress has sash that makes it sweeter. And it looks so much more sweeter on my loved ones.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sweet Peasant Dress

When I said I sew, I sew and I sew for the past two months, it means that I really sew something. I've been sewing either for my daughter or for my friends. But, none for me (not even my baju raya). 

My friend, Akma (we used to send our daughter to the same babysitter) asked me if I could sew a birthday dress for her daughter. She even had a picture  of what she wanted. Her major requirement: a dress with sleeves.

Initially, I'm thinking of dress with cap sleeves. Like this one.

Left: My version of cap sleeves
Right: Flutter sleeves found HERE

For me, I prefer girl dress without sleeves. However, to meet Akma's requirement, I think a peasant dress is the best. Since it's cover the underside of the arm. 

So, how cute is this dress? I used Dena Designs Kumari Garden for the bodies and Erin Mcmorris Wildwood for the sleeves. I think the color combination is just right. What do you think? 

Psst: Please feel free to comment. I need comment to improve.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

swooning over

I'm swooning over this image found via MadeByGirl. Original photo from HERE. I could stare at this picture all day long. I feel like it's the perfect future private studio of mine. I wish.

2 months of silence and thoughts on blogging

2 months plus since the last real blog post? That's lame. But I guess that's totally me. It's hard to juggle life with blogging. Too much effort to put even on a simple blog post. From the real project, to photograph, to writing and editing and uploading photo - not counting the time when the internet is too slow and you feel like screaming to the whole world that you need to change to a different internet service provider. Also not to forget that yours truly is blogging in English which is absolutely not her first language. Sometimes it's hard to even put together a simple sentence. Please forgive me if you find some grammatical, spelling or any other type of errors in my posts.

To me, this blog exist just to showcase my passion in sewing and decorating and also as a personal file of things I did/made. It's far from getting a million hits by babbling about personal stories and waiting for a cheque by end of the month. 

It's far from business. Of course I dream of having my own sweet little shop, producing my line of children clothing. Yes, a girl can dream right? But to make it happen, there's a lot of hard works and sacrifices to make in order for me to achieve my dream. So this humble blog is my creative outlet, to share things I did with people I love. And if I do get unknown readers, I certainly appreciate of your time. TYVM. Virtual xoxo!

Here's what I did for the past 2 months :

1.  I'm wasting my time on Pinterest. I'm not pinning, but I keep looking for inspiration until I'm tired. 
2. I hop on every design/interior decorating blog like nobody's business.
3. I almost forgot my favourite sewing blogs due to the above.
4. I sew, I sew and I sew.
5. I eat, I eat and I eat. Phew! Now I'm stress over my weight. Boooo! 

Monday, August 29, 2011

Selamat Hari Raya

Happy 2011 Eid Mubarak to all.

Note: I will be back in blogging business after this =)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

I'm making things today

It's Saturday and I enjoy it to the fullest. Shoo away you, stupid work issue!. 

Today, I'm making two things. 

1.  Play Tent
2.  Beach Robe (pattern from MADE

Both for my daughter. And that makes me happy!

Pictures to come.  

Note: Someone borrowed my camera. I bet she's reading this! =p

Sunday, July 3, 2011

10-minutes dress

3rd post for the day = record

The 10-minutes dress is from Prudent Baby. It took me only 10 minutes to make this. Super easy! Just cut and sew the shoulder and sides together, leaving an opening for neck and armhole. No need to serge (if you are using  knit fabric). Tie it with the excess fabric. Wallah! Make sure you have a cute necklace to dress it up.

Look at the pose and those curly hair. Super cute!


Picture was taken by Raisya using tripod. The most encouraging way for a budding photographer. Photographer? Err, why not designer Raisya like Cecilia Cassini, perhaps?

Sweetheart Studio Tour

Warning! This is going to be the longest post ever.

I promised to share with you my sewing room tour since last April. Yes, it was about 2 months ago. After a lot of hard works the room finally completed. Yes, completed in my own term. 

Let me present to you "sweetheart studio". I hope you enjoy the tour and your feedback/comment is almost welcome. 

My sewing table is actually a console table. I bought it from furniture shop near my house.  I did buy a Micke Desk from my favorite furnishing store IKEA, but it was disappointing. It curved down in the middle due to sewing machine weight. It is now used as my study table. Please keep your eyes off the hanging wires in the picture. I blame the stupid contractor for that. The room has no ceiling lamp until now. Sigh.

The 6 boxes are from IKEA which I used as an extra storage for random things that I rarely used. Oh, did I tell you that almost 90% of the things in my studio are from IKEA? =) I love IKEA because they are chic and sometimes cheap.  I didn't bought all of it in a short period of time. Mind you! I'm not that rich.  It was accumulated since my bachelorette years.

You can read about my pink sewing machine silhouette HERE. My sewing machines and serger are both from Brother. Sewing machine was a gift from my dear hubs. I bought the serger myself. I love these two gadgets. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves to sew as a hobby.

Sweetheart Studio is also a shared room with my lovely daughter. All the framed artworks and picture are meant for her.  

The table is used as a cutting table. The green cheap-o drawer is destined to be in the room.  I actually wanted to give away the drawer to my parent house in the first place. If you have this drawer, just remove the stickers in front of the drawer and it would look OK.

I love my storage cabinet. It' s Billy Bookcase with the door attached. I bought the door recently so I can keep all my lovely fabrics inside and safe from the dust. 

Can you believe it? The tin storage are found in Mydin. Very inexpensive! I put the label up for easy identification. You can download the label HERE.

This is Raisya's favourite spot.  Mirror is from Carrefour, while the chairs were thrift find from kindergarten in my hometown. 

I hang the containers on the rod behind the door for Raisya's to play with it. You can find this items at kitchen section in IKEA.

Since I have no space anymore in my house, the wardrobe is happy to be in the room. My dream to have sofa bed in here is vanished for now. I love how everything is coming together.  The room is completely what I dreamt of. I feel like spending my times in here all day long. 

So there you have it. The most favourite room in the house right now. Please click on the picture if you want to have a better view.  If you are wondering the name and source of each items, do tell me!