Friday, January 14, 2011

Pinafore Dress in Bright Yellow Colour Oh, I'm in love :D

Do you like yellow? Most of my friends hate yellow. But, not me. Yellow is one of my fave colours apart from pink and teal. See,I am into pastel colour rather than bright. But, yellow is an exception. I don't know why.

You can see how lovely this dress turned out, right? It spells young, outgoing and friendly to me.

This dress was made for Dina, K.Wan's daughter. My repeat buyer in the office. 

K.Wan, please make sure Dina model it for me so that I can post it in this blog.

I falled in love instantly with this fabby when I saw it on the display rack.

Love the yellow, love the 'love'. And here it is with the label attached.
Lovely. ~faint~

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Monday, January 10, 2011

Gathered Sash Dress in Action!

The only decent picture of Raisya wearing "The Gathered Sash Dress" that I have in my phone.


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Kimono style Pyjama

Woooohooo..... I left this post without words for 5 days.  The inital plan was to upload the pictures and saved it. But, I had mistakenly clicked publish button. :) 

I made a pyjama set for Thaqif (i like the name!) as requested by his momma, K.Zo, who is my colleague at work.  The pant is actually bigger than the top to give room to the diaper. I added iron-on patches to both the top and pant just for fun. The iron-on patches are actually belong to my SIL. I have yet to inform her that I used it.  But I can always return it back to her if I managed to buy  similar one at DAISO. 

I love the print on the fabric. Boyish but still cute. Oh, boy ! I wish I can find more fabric for the boys. 

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Fresh Start to Year 2011

Happy New Year to everyone! Welcome 2011.

I can't remember if I ever wrote a new year's resolutions in my entire life. To start the year off fresh, i decided to make a New Year's resolutions. 

I made long list of goals in 2011 and here's portion of that list:-

1.  Lost weight - ya i know it's typical resolution that most women have. Hey, who cares!
2.  Cook frequently - this make me nervous. I'm actually the type of person    who doesn't really like to cook.
3.  Spend wisely - i.e. stop using credit card.  I only have 2 credit cards left. 1 is in my purse and 1 is at home. In the purse must be out.
4.  Blog more frequently - which means fresh start to sweetheart biz. This is very tough to me since my jobs keeps me pretty busy but I'm determined to make it happen.
5.  Get more organized - at house and in the office.
6.  And maybe get pregnant for second child - well, i'll think about it.

There goes some of my goals for 2011.  For personal spiritual goals I save it for myself. It's very personal to me.

I wrote all these in my personal planner I got from Starbucks.  I collected 12 stamps to get it.  Thanks to few of my colleagues who contributed the stamp to me.  

 I have a feeling this is going to be a very exciting year. 2011. I am ready for you! Lets bring it on.