Friday, January 14, 2011

Pinafore Dress in Bright Yellow Colour Oh, I'm in love :D

Do you like yellow? Most of my friends hate yellow. But, not me. Yellow is one of my fave colours apart from pink and teal. See,I am into pastel colour rather than bright. But, yellow is an exception. I don't know why.

You can see how lovely this dress turned out, right? It spells young, outgoing and friendly to me.

This dress was made for Dina, K.Wan's daughter. My repeat buyer in the office. 

K.Wan, please make sure Dina model it for me so that I can post it in this blog.

I falled in love instantly with this fabby when I saw it on the display rack.

Love the yellow, love the 'love'. And here it is with the label attached.
Lovely. ~faint~


Anonymous said...

Love Yellow,Love the 'Love' & LOVE evrything about u! XoXo..

fatinnRahman said...

nice kak! keep up the good work!!!!
i have faith in u! <3 <3 <3

fatinn Rahman said...