Sunday, February 20, 2011

Long overdue post about my first Pinafore Dress

I've been meaning to post about my very first pinafore dress since January.  I already posted about my second version of pinafore dress here. This dress was actually made using Simplicity pattern that I bought somewhere in December. My very first experience using store-bought pattern and yep, it was easy peasy! 

The picture was taken during Izz's (my friend's son) 2nd birthday party at KFC, Seksyen 13, S.A. Sorry for the poor quality pictures anyway.  It was taken using my camera phone only.

I don't have a nice full picture of Raisya wearing this dress instead of this one. 

You know how a happy 21 months old little girl would react when having a blast at a birthday party, right? Whoaaa......

Not until she saw..... Chicky!!! hahahaha....

OK don't worry darling, Mama would not invite Chicky to your coming birthday party. It looks like it's time for Mama to start planning for your birthday party theme. Or maybe Mommy can help? Would you Mommy? *smile*

Friday, February 18, 2011

Going gaga over Gingher

Gingher Scissor

Now what about this scissor that I am currently going gaga over it?

Well.. to the person who doesn't sew, it looks like a normal scissor. But to the person who sew like me, it means a whole lot different.

Where did I bought it? 

-I bought it from my friend Tini, whose favourite is overseas online shopping.  Is that the word, Tini? tehee..

How much is the price? 

-Slightly higher than Singer scissors found here in Malaysia.

This scissor is U.S brand and claimed to be one of the best sccissors for seamstresses (based on the reviews I read). I am not going to blab here on how good this scissor is.  You can google gingher scissor if you want to know more about the product.

The main point here is even though I like to use rotary cutter for some reasons but I still  like to use scissor to cut fabric.  Yes, call me traditional. Scissor is still the best for me especially if I want to cut a non-pattern pieces like baju kurung. So what about you, stitchers out there?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What? Discontinued?

So we went to Ikea this morning and when we browsed the bedroom section I approached the yellow uniform guy and said, 'Dik, katil Ikea Tromsnes tu takde ke? And he said 'Katil tu dah discontinued kak'.  What? I couldn't believe it. I just saw it a few months back with my dearest hub. Serious, in December last  year I think. *crying*

I was dreaming that this is the most perfect bed for my soon to be sewing room + play room. 

Don't cha think? Ikea called it day bed. It can be used as bed as well as seating.

Even the price is a little bit high for a single bed frame, I couldn't care less. I want it, I want it, I want it! How my dream has been smashed by Ikea. My fave place for window shopping therapy. How could you Ikea!

Lucky me, I have Plan B. Since the dimension of the sewing room + play room is only 8ftx12ft (my rough estimation), I figured out another option.

The cheapest Ikea sofabed.  You might be wondering why I  need this in my sewing + play room.   Me and my hubs have a big family and we we're both the eldest.  Besides having guest room, extra bed is very much needed when they come for a sleepover.  

This sofa bed can come to the rescue. Plus, this will be Raisya's couch for watching her favorite show (Mickey Mouse, Barney.......) while Mama and Daddy can watch TV peacefully in a living room. Smart solution, right?
And this sofa also can give more polished look to the room. Just add some throw pillows and wallah, "sweetheart studio".

Can't wait to start. Wish me luck, peeps!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

I'm Baaaaaack!!!!

Hi!  Many apologies for the long absence. I've not gone missing, but just have been really busy and tired.  Tired of work which I won't bore you with the details. 

Remember I told you that we are moving to our new house. Yes, finally we got the key. We have less than a month to do minor improvements to the house before we move in.  

Google Image

We don't expect to make the house as we want it to be in less than a month, but at least comfortable enough to start with. Here are the basic plans: -

1.  Painting (including doors and ceiling).
2.  Wiring.
3.  Hanging curtain rods.
4.  Extend kitchen wall**
5.  Plaster ceiling**

Note: ** only if time and money permits ~sigh~

I will share with you our journey to transform our own little house into a place we call home.

As I said priority to be given to my studio (sorry dear hubs, if you read this) and hopefully I will be getting back into the swing of things I plan for my dearest 'sweetheart' really soon.