Friday, February 18, 2011

Going gaga over Gingher

Gingher Scissor

Now what about this scissor that I am currently going gaga over it?

Well.. to the person who doesn't sew, it looks like a normal scissor. But to the person who sew like me, it means a whole lot different.

Where did I bought it? 

-I bought it from my friend Tini, whose favourite is overseas online shopping.  Is that the word, Tini? tehee..

How much is the price? 

-Slightly higher than Singer scissors found here in Malaysia.

This scissor is U.S brand and claimed to be one of the best sccissors for seamstresses (based on the reviews I read). I am not going to blab here on how good this scissor is.  You can google gingher scissor if you want to know more about the product.

The main point here is even though I like to use rotary cutter for some reasons but I still  like to use scissor to cut fabric.  Yes, call me traditional. Scissor is still the best for me especially if I want to cut a non-pattern pieces like baju kurung. So what about you, stitchers out there?


MissSugar D said...

uuu~~ i like the title... Going GAGA.. hahaha best2... pandai akak. i loike!

Marlene Anna Malek said...


Little Doodlez said...

gila shopping...mujur shopping boleh jual balik..klu shopping tk boleh jual..papa jadknya laki ambo... tini lah ni.