Sunday, February 20, 2011

Long overdue post about my first Pinafore Dress

I've been meaning to post about my very first pinafore dress since January.  I already posted about my second version of pinafore dress here. This dress was actually made using Simplicity pattern that I bought somewhere in December. My very first experience using store-bought pattern and yep, it was easy peasy! 

The picture was taken during Izz's (my friend's son) 2nd birthday party at KFC, Seksyen 13, S.A. Sorry for the poor quality pictures anyway.  It was taken using my camera phone only.

I don't have a nice full picture of Raisya wearing this dress instead of this one. 

You know how a happy 21 months old little girl would react when having a blast at a birthday party, right? Whoaaa......

Not until she saw..... Chicky!!! hahahaha....

OK don't worry darling, Mama would not invite Chicky to your coming birthday party. It looks like it's time for Mama to start planning for your birthday party theme. Or maybe Mommy can help? Would you Mommy? *smile*

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Amnah said...

Beautiful dress. I can't sew clothes very well unfortunately.