Saturday, April 16, 2011

Little project for a 'short' weekend

As-salam and weekend greetings all.  Just to let you know that we are finally moved in to our new house. Alhamdulillah.  We have now been in our new home for 2 weeks and still arranging things.  

I always in stress mode thinking that everything was supposed to come together all at once. But after being a follower to this great blog, I agree with them that this whole process of house decorating is a process that will change and evolve over time. After all this is our own house, so we have to take it easy.

By the way, I want to show what I brought home today. It's awesome! It's really turned out as what I imagined. 

In case you are wondering what is this, it's a wall deco that I plan to hang above the sofa. I bought the white stencil-like plastic thing at SSF, Jalan TAR. It's come in set of 3.  As usual, being creative myself (?) I bought along a velvet like fabric at Kamdar (at home furnishing section) as its background and got it framed at a frame shop near my house. I keep the other one until we'd be able to buy a new sofa which I expect it to be much longer than the existing one. 

So for now two is enough! 

Note: I still haven't hang the curtain around the house.  The power drill that I borrowed is not powerful enough to get through the wall ( at the beam).  Anyone knows who can get the job done here in Cheras particularly around Bandar Sri Permaisuri, please? I'm stress!


Lampin Murah said...

boleh..dh try ke..cuba cari jenis bosh ke apa n apa tah nama penebuk yg khas utk concrit..smua tu wpun jrg guna..nnti mesti ada nak guna lagi..try je lah encik boss yah upah2..syg duit..sedap je ckp..ku tau oder aje..apa2 kerja tukag encik boss aje buatkn..nk jimat punya pasal.

Marlene Anna Malek said...

Dah guna 2 jenama bosch jugak. Tapi yang 500 watt. Maybe kena guna yg extra watt lagi. En. Hubs tanak beli. Lagipon dia x suka buat kerja2 camni. Hiks.