Friday, April 22, 2011

Pom Pom Pillow with Initial

I miss sewing! I haven't been able to sew for almost two months and it's killing me. Like seriously. My focus is now towards decorating our humble nest. I have thousand of ideas  but with limited budget  that keep running on my mind .

The last thing that I've sewn was this.

R for Raisya

Pom pom pillow with initial.  I sewn this mostly because I wanted to reduce my stress level on that day.  I know all of us have something to keep us calm right? Sewing is one of my stress relievers and it really helps.  

The pillow was intentionally made as a throw pillow for my sewing room. I am dreaming to have a sofa bed in my studio and if you remember, I did blogged about it HERE.  

You can see the close up of the initial.  It wasn't very neat as this was my first time stitching a zig zag on an applique. I think I should used tighter stitch length to make it neat.

Now I have the pillow, so where is the sofa bed? Someone please donate it to me.....

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