Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Raisya turned two!

My sweet adorable baby just turned two on April, 9. How time flies. I still remember every single moment that happened on the day she was born. The joy and love I feel being a mother is indescribable.   And now she's already two. Oh, I missed this little face.
Raisya 2 Days
We had small celebration for her birthday since I didn't have time to prepare for her party. I ordered Raisya's birthday cake from Akma who blog HERE and my previous babysitter made all the preparations for our small "makan-makan'.

Wanna look how this baby turned to adorable, cheeky and pretty 2 years old and still breastfeeding?

Yep, that's her posing for the camera in front of our new mattress. By the way, she is wearing birthday dress that I got her yesterday. It's sort of my birthday present to her. The dress is from Chateau de sable.

It is a French brand and has small store in Pavillion. Look at the packaging! Love 'em!

She always smiling like this.  Who to blame? Definitely her mama. Hahaha... 

See. It's too much.

And finally this is the real face.  Love her. Heart her to bit.


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Mizz D said...

So miss that gurl... Happy Birthday raisya.... Semoga jadi kebanggaan mama n daddy bila besar nnti k ! Muaaaahhhhh


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