Saturday, July 9, 2011

I'm making things today

It's Saturday and I enjoy it to the fullest. Shoo away you, stupid work issue!. 

Today, I'm making two things. 

1.  Play Tent
2.  Beach Robe (pattern from MADE

Both for my daughter. And that makes me happy!

Pictures to come.  

Note: Someone borrowed my camera. I bet she's reading this! =p


fatinnRahman said...

hihihi. thanks to ur awesome camera!!! i really appreciate it kak! hugs n kisses! and sorry u cudnt upload the pictures as the camera was with me. huhu. i love u kak! owe u BIGGGGGG time!! mmuahh!

Anonymous said...

you're such a creative mom! how fun! :D

and hi fatin! :) such a small world..