Thursday, September 22, 2011

Peasant Dress Continues

Peasant dress story is not over yet. I wanted to share with you the lovely back view of the dress. Front view as in this post did not do justice to the sweet dress. The dress has sash that makes it sweeter. And it looks so much more sweeter on my loved ones.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sweet Peasant Dress

When I said I sew, I sew and I sew for the past two months, it means that I really sew something. I've been sewing either for my daughter or for my friends. But, none for me (not even my baju raya). 

My friend, Akma (we used to send our daughter to the same babysitter) asked me if I could sew a birthday dress for her daughter. She even had a picture  of what she wanted. Her major requirement: a dress with sleeves.

Initially, I'm thinking of dress with cap sleeves. Like this one.

Left: My version of cap sleeves
Right: Flutter sleeves found HERE

For me, I prefer girl dress without sleeves. However, to meet Akma's requirement, I think a peasant dress is the best. Since it's cover the underside of the arm. 

So, how cute is this dress? I used Dena Designs Kumari Garden for the bodies and Erin Mcmorris Wildwood for the sleeves. I think the color combination is just right. What do you think? 

Psst: Please feel free to comment. I need comment to improve.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

swooning over

I'm swooning over this image found via MadeByGirl. Original photo from HERE. I could stare at this picture all day long. I feel like it's the perfect future private studio of mine. I wish.

2 months of silence and thoughts on blogging

2 months plus since the last real blog post? That's lame. But I guess that's totally me. It's hard to juggle life with blogging. Too much effort to put even on a simple blog post. From the real project, to photograph, to writing and editing and uploading photo - not counting the time when the internet is too slow and you feel like screaming to the whole world that you need to change to a different internet service provider. Also not to forget that yours truly is blogging in English which is absolutely not her first language. Sometimes it's hard to even put together a simple sentence. Please forgive me if you find some grammatical, spelling or any other type of errors in my posts.

To me, this blog exist just to showcase my passion in sewing and decorating and also as a personal file of things I did/made. It's far from getting a million hits by babbling about personal stories and waiting for a cheque by end of the month. 

It's far from business. Of course I dream of having my own sweet little shop, producing my line of children clothing. Yes, a girl can dream right? But to make it happen, there's a lot of hard works and sacrifices to make in order for me to achieve my dream. So this humble blog is my creative outlet, to share things I did with people I love. And if I do get unknown readers, I certainly appreciate of your time. TYVM. Virtual xoxo!

Here's what I did for the past 2 months :

1.  I'm wasting my time on Pinterest. I'm not pinning, but I keep looking for inspiration until I'm tired. 
2. I hop on every design/interior decorating blog like nobody's business.
3. I almost forgot my favourite sewing blogs due to the above.
4. I sew, I sew and I sew.
5. I eat, I eat and I eat. Phew! Now I'm stress over my weight. Boooo!