Sunday, October 30, 2011

Beach Robe Pattern from MADE

It's been forever since I said I wanted to show you a Beach Robe that I made using Dana's latest pattern.

I did share these pictures on my personal Facebook shortly after I finished sewing. These pictures were taken using my camera phone. I thought it were crappy to use for this blog. I wanted to share a professionally taken photo to show off my hard work. What I mean by professional photo here is a photo taken by ME using a real camera on automatic mode not a camera phone. Slap me in the face right now! Haha....

But guess what?! I didn't get a chance to take the photo until my precious camera is broken recently (teardrops on my face). So yeah.. Call me a procrastinator!

By the way, I hope you enjoy an edited terrible phone pictures (turned out quite good as compared to my "professional photo").

Psst: I love the colour of the robe. It's coral!

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