Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sample Tunic Dress

I'm on my block leave starting 19-23 December. I'm really looking forward for a long leave like this to catch up with my overdue sewing projects. But, that's not the case. Too many family matters to attend to. 

On Monday, I managed to sew one sample tunic dress for Raisya. 

I called it sample dress because I sew it using remnant fabric that I had (the same fabric as Arianna Dress that I posted a while ago).

I wanted to make sure that the sizing is correct before I can cut my cute (and expensive) stash of fabrics. I just need to tweak a little bit on the neck, button back closure and embellishment on the front dress. The rest is just perfect.

Sample dress in action. Loving our shoes. :)


MissSugar D said...

where is the pic?

Marlene Anna Malek said...

ter'post'... Raisya kacau mama...