Saturday, January 28, 2012

Bila baju sudah muat

Everyone loves free pattern right! Who doesn't? At least for someone who share the same interest with me.

I made the dress because I wanted to try the free pattern by Rae of Made By Rae.

It was two years ago. Times flies and now the Itty Bitty Dress fit Raisya perfectly. How I wish I used pretty fabrics instead.

Never mind. That would be the reason to use up my fabric stash I've accumulated.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Of birthday and wish list

I have 1 thing in common with Catherine Middleton. Yep, you read it right. Me and Kate Middleton. 

She turned a big 3-0 on 9th Jan and so do I this coming May. See, I'm not joking. We did share 1 thing in common. 

While she could have all the things under the sun for her birthday, I could just shut my eyes and dream that these would be my birthday presents this year. And that do not involves high end brand like Piaget, Christian Louboutin or Dior for that matter. =p

Update: I got none of these for my birthday. But, I'm not complaining since all these were not relevant for a pregnant lady. 
1. Spectacles -Pregnancy isn't a great time to invest in a new pair of glasses.
2. Eye makeup - I didn't wear makeup now. Let alone my must wear makeup, mascara. 
3. Watches - This 1 is ok. Sadly, nobody gave me this. Sobs.. sobs.. sobs..
4. Heels - It's a no no for pregnant woman unless you are Victoria Beckham.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Diyana & Pyan's Wedding

My ex-colleague, Diyana got hitched with her beau last Friday. She and her husband are 10 years apart, got to know each other in very short time and after Diyana's painful break up. Isn't it amazing what a love can do? *Kalau sudah jodoh.

Dee wore a gorgeous dress tailor made for her, had a beautiful 'hantarans' and 3 cute flower girls and 1 handsome page boy during 'bersanding' (another flower girl and page boy were missing in action). My daughter was 1 of the flower girls. I thought she's too young for a flower girl when the other flower girls were 5 and 8 years old. She did a great job and I was so proud of her.

Congratulations Dee and Pyan on your wedding. I pray you have everlasting love and happiness. May Allah bless your union abundantly.

Psst: I made myself that lace patch on my dress. Not bad for a first timer eh?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My Makeup Routine

This is totally random subject in my blog post. And a random subject is actually very interesting and easy to share in a blog. Who's with me? 

So today I'm making a debut on the other subject -  MAKEUP. Simply because I love makeup.  Makeup to me is to enhance one's features and also as a booster of confidence especially for a working lady. My makeup routine is very simple and it involves the followings:
click to enlarge

1. Make Up For Ever HD Foundation 
    - This is my first over the counter foundation. The 3rd foundation I ever have in my life.   I'm not wearing it everyday.  I use it for special occasion or whenever I feel like. It gives you light to medium coverage for that perfectly natural looking skin.

2.  MAC Studio Fix 
     - The best 2 way foundation of all time. Hands down.

     ZA 2-way Foundation
     - My substitute to MAC Studio Fix.  *Sayang lah nak guna MAC hari-hari.

3.  MAC Eyeliner (I can only find picture of Revlon eyeliner)
     - I like MAC Eyeliner because it runs smoothly, the colour is intense (i use black) and I have a shaky hands to ever use gel or liquid eyeliner. 

4. Lancome Oscillation Mascara
    - I swear by this product. I use it everyday. Pricey! But worth every penny. Enough said.

5. Lip Ice Sheer Colour
    - I don't wear lipstick. I've only been using this product since late 2010 but not on everyday basis. I have a fear of lipstick. I had never worn/own bright lipstick until I saw someone wearing it (in a blog) and finally bought myself a bright red Sephora lipstick. I think I'm lovin' it. 

6. Loreal Paris Blusher.
    - Nothing special about this blusher. I can wear any type of blusher. It is a must have item in my makeup bag. I have a very round face and blusher adds cheekbones to my face.

So what's in your makeup bag? Can you share it with me?