Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My Makeup Routine

This is totally random subject in my blog post. And a random subject is actually very interesting and easy to share in a blog. Who's with me? 

So today I'm making a debut on the other subject -  MAKEUP. Simply because I love makeup.  Makeup to me is to enhance one's features and also as a booster of confidence especially for a working lady. My makeup routine is very simple and it involves the followings:
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1. Make Up For Ever HD Foundation 
    - This is my first over the counter foundation. The 3rd foundation I ever have in my life.   I'm not wearing it everyday.  I use it for special occasion or whenever I feel like. It gives you light to medium coverage for that perfectly natural looking skin.

2.  MAC Studio Fix 
     - The best 2 way foundation of all time. Hands down.

     ZA 2-way Foundation
     - My substitute to MAC Studio Fix.  *Sayang lah nak guna MAC hari-hari.

3.  MAC Eyeliner (I can only find picture of Revlon eyeliner)
     - I like MAC Eyeliner because it runs smoothly, the colour is intense (i use black) and I have a shaky hands to ever use gel or liquid eyeliner. 

4. Lancome Oscillation Mascara
    - I swear by this product. I use it everyday. Pricey! But worth every penny. Enough said.

5. Lip Ice Sheer Colour
    - I don't wear lipstick. I've only been using this product since late 2010 but not on everyday basis. I have a fear of lipstick. I had never worn/own bright lipstick until I saw someone wearing it (in a blog) and finally bought myself a bright red Sephora lipstick. I think I'm lovin' it. 

6. Loreal Paris Blusher.
    - Nothing special about this blusher. I can wear any type of blusher. It is a must have item in my makeup bag. I have a very round face and blusher adds cheekbones to my face.

So what's in your makeup bag? Can you share it with me?

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