Friday, January 27, 2012

Of birthday and wish list

I have 1 thing in common with Catherine Middleton. Yep, you read it right. Me and Kate Middleton. 

She turned a big 3-0 on 9th Jan and so do I this coming May. See, I'm not joking. We did share 1 thing in common. 

While she could have all the things under the sun for her birthday, I could just shut my eyes and dream that these would be my birthday presents this year. And that do not involves high end brand like Piaget, Christian Louboutin or Dior for that matter. =p

Update: I got none of these for my birthday. But, I'm not complaining since all these were not relevant for a pregnant lady. 
1. Spectacles -Pregnancy isn't a great time to invest in a new pair of glasses.
2. Eye makeup - I didn't wear makeup now. Let alone my must wear makeup, mascara. 
3. Watches - This 1 is ok. Sadly, nobody gave me this. Sobs.. sobs.. sobs..
4. Heels - It's a no no for pregnant woman unless you are Victoria Beckham.

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