Monday, February 6, 2012

Look who turned a quarter of a century!

It's Fatinn!
We throw a simple birthday celebration for her right after office hour at a free location. The gym!

The party planner? It's Yana from Sweetheart Studio. Anyone interested to hire her? Haha...

I decided to give my first go at making red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting. I must admit it was a total failure but it's still edible though. Kan kawan-kawan?

For the deco, I made the birthday banner out of doily and tacked it to the wall using Faber-Castell Tack-It. 
I got the fake orange flower for RM3.90 at Mydin and put it into a milk can (tin susu krimer manis). The picture was edited and printed by me. I let go one of my favourite Ikea frame at home and I even borrowed my colleague's chalkboard as a deco items. I'm a chep-o like that.

The foods? Salty home cooked meehoon by Dee (dah kawin pon masin lagi, anyway TQ! Sila masak lagi!), Big Apple Donut and "Jajans".
Dear Fatinn,
Hope you enjoyed the party. I hope our friendship will remain forever,Insha'Allah. Like you said I was like your big sister. 
I'm honoured. To the rest, thanks for making it possible. 
Looking back at the picture made me realized that I'm the oldest. OMG! 
Have to apply anti-ageing eye cream now!