Friday, February 17, 2012

Photo Shoot @ Barbie Store Midvalley

Free photo shoot and 1 4R photo with purchase of RM80 at Barbie Store, Midvalley? 

Of course the mom who's giddy with an excitement. Yes, free. But technically not free. You purchase a total of RM80 items at the store and your kid is entitle to have a free photo shoot.

Don't let this fool you. After you see the cuteness of you child's photos, you end up paying more.

And that was what happening to me. Sorry daddy if you read this. I'm such a spendthrift mom.

They let your kid to choose her favourite dress, make her up, put on a wig and voila, you kid will be princess for an hour. 

They take numerous photos and then let you/your kid choose you favourite pictures. This comes the part that will determine whether you strong enough to let the temptation goes. And as they say, for me the rest is a history. =)

Psst: Raisya looks so different, don't you think? She's been forced by the photographer to pose. She's totally clueless on what's happening. The photographers didn't believe me when I said she's only 2 1/2T. Yes, she's tall for an average 2 1/2T.


MissSugar D said...

So cute! Love her.. mmuuuaaahhhh!!!

Ryehanna said...

hah? raisya ke tu??

lain giler mukaaaa

Marlene Anna Malek said...

kan? Lain sgt! Pastu macam budak besar je. Hehe..