Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Easy Skirt

Hi, blog! I miss you. I really miss you. And I miss sewing too. Sorry for the long hiatus from blogging, my friends. I'm still here. Don't you worry.

I've not been blogging because I've not been sewing. See my friends. It's correlated. The big reason behind this is because...... I'M PREGNANT with baby #2!  I had a rough first trimester. It even dragged until the beginning of second trimester,  just like my first pregnancy.

Since we have so much catching up to do, let's not go into details about my first trimester experience. Let me show you the first ever sewing I made after the long break. It's something super easy peasy!. I called it Easy Skirt.

It's a great project to start with for a beginner. Here I used Moda Fabric - Twirl Spinning Pink by Me and My Sister Designs. Just pair the skirt with cute shirt/top and it makes great everyday clothes. This girl sure loves her skirt as you can plainly see. I think I should make hundreds. =)

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