Sunday, July 15, 2012

T-Shirt Ruffle Dress

T-shirt ruffle dress for my friend's, Tyne only daughter. Tyne didn't ask for a specific dress to be made for her daughter,Yaya.  It just that I felt guilty to Tyne as she had sent me 4 lovely fabrics to be made into a jumpsuit before she even had  Yaya. And that was nearly half a year ago. My oh my. Sorry, Tyne! Surely, there's a reason for that =).

The bodice was made using RM5 XL t-shirt that I bought at Carrefour, Kota Damansara when I was still staying there. If anyone of you knows where to buy cheap shirt fabric, do let me know ya!

The ruffle skirt was made using pre-ruffles knit fabric I bought at Kamdar. I heart Kamdar for a cheap, rare fabric that couldn't be found anywhere else. 

My sweet label must be visible on the outside. 

The sizing might be a little bit big for Yaya. I underestimate the stretchiness of shirt fabric as  I attached the bodice and the gathered bottom. But Tyne did say that her daughter is a bit chunky compared to her two brothers. I think Yaya could fit into this dress in no time.

 So what do I do with balance of ruffles knit fabric?  Ehmm.. let me reserve that one later eh?

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