Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Baby Project (1) - Top Knot Hat

I'm about 28 weeks pregnant with my second baby which means I'm in my 3rd trimester. I have another 12 weeks if I make it to the full term. 

I haven't done anything yet for baby #2. Sniff, sniff. Not that I'm not excited, but the to-do list and shopping list are significantly shorter for baby #2. If you understand what I mean. =)

I did purchased a few onesies on sale at Mothercare and also cloth diapers for baby #2. Those were the only things I bought so far.  I am slowly increasing my CD stash since I was thinking of cloth diapering baby #2.  CD? Interesting, no? I do hope I can share with you my cloth diaper stories once I started the journey soon.

Back to the post title - The Baby Project.  The Baby Project is to document every single things I make for baby #2. I want to stress the word "make" here my friends. I will document things I make only, not buy, not purchase. I have a not-so-long to-do lists for The Baby Project which I hope I can finish before the baby arrives. So bear with me.

I begin with a little baby steps.I'm making top knot hat just now. Tutorial can be found HERE. I have no real model to justify the cute hat that I'm making. Teddy bear is only I have. 

Here I used knit fabric from RM10 shirt I found at KL Sentral. Ignore the wobbly zigzag stitching. I promise I'll do better for the next hat. But its still cute isn't it? Considering I can make 2 hats out of RM10 shirt.  It is a plus point for me since I still have extra remnant that can be turn into anything cute other than hat. For plain white top knot like this, I bet it priced at RM29.90 at Mothercare. 

Stay tuned for The Baby Project (2). Till then.

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