Sunday, July 22, 2012

Whaley Peasant Top and Short

I heart weekends.  Weekends are the only time I can have a sewing marathon, moving back and forth to the cutting table and sewing machine while sitting on my swivel chair and spending long hours at my sewing machine. I heart it.

I've been meaning to sew this Whaley Peasant Top & Short since last weekends. I painstakingly drew out the pattern and cut the fabrics according to the pattern pieces carefully.  It went smoothly in the beginning.  But by the time I sew the pattern pieces together,everything went wrong. I was thinking real hard how to put the pattern pieces together. Seam ripper became my best friend and I gave up.

I tried not to give up this weekends. After clearing all the junks on my cutting table, I plan carefully again on how to assemble the pattern pieces. And this time, it works. 

The top and short fit Raisya nicely. "Ngam-ngam, that's we normally say. I prefer it to be bigger actually. I am thinking of making a free pattern for this outfit, so anybody interested can sew along with me. What say you? Anyone interested?

Fabric: Urban Zoologie by Ann Kelle for Robert Kaufman

Psst: This blog itself is for me to "syok sendiri". I don't think any sewists read my blog since I hardly comment/participate with any sewists' blog. 

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