Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Simple ABC for the Playroom

I did a simple artwork for the playroom using these:

IKEA Ribba Frame

Alphabet for Scrapbook bought at Papier, The Curve

Ready to be hang at the new playroom/sewing room next week and it might be fun!

Hmmm....I wonder why my girl always smiling like this?

Elephant ride at The Curve

Saturday, March 26, 2011


to my hometown, Kuantan. It's been a while since we've took the weekend off to our all time favourite place. The place that really close to our heart. OK Yana, ignore your homesick, just go straight to the point!

Last week, I was at an amazing store called iwannagohome! in KLCC. You probably will always find me wandering around KLCC while waiting for my hubs before we go home after work. Sometimes, I just going off from work early to go to KLCC to get some inspirations. (Or maybe score 1 or 2 items there hahaha). 

iwannagohome! has a full of incredible beautiful things that I cannot afford. I wish I had a camera to snap pictures of all things pretty there. But at least some inspirations from the store keep dancing in my head. 

This is the picture I steal from Google image (iwannagohome! in Singapore). If you wanna get some inspiration, go check the store at Level 2, KLCC and you might probably wanna go home like me. Happy weekends.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Floor Cushion

This is so dang cute. If only I have time to do this on weekend. But no, not until April.

via maker mama
So tell me, how do you find time to do fun things you love to do outside of work that keep you sane?  Or is it just me who have a full of weekend wishes to accomplish?

Monday, March 7, 2011

Poster vs Framed Fabric

Hi, peeps.  I have a lot of things and inspiration to share with you but without pictures it would be no fun, right?.  I wish I had a new camera so that I could take better pictures to post in this blog.  The old Sony Cybershot is resting in our car dashboard for months. I feel so lazy to charge it and now I don't know where I put the charger since I have packed some of our stuff, ready to move. 

Updates on our new house:

1.  Painting (not all but mostly done)
2.  Wiring*
3.  Hanging curtain rods (by next weekend)
4.  Extend kitchen wall*
5.  Plaster ceiling*

* To be done by this week after we pay the deposit.  

I painted my sewing room pink. I really can't tell whether it's the perfect pink that I've been looking for.  But for now, I just have to say yes. I really hates colour searching.  

Since I've painted the wall pink, the colour that I think goes well with the decor for now are white, green and yellow.

Image via MadeByGirl
 I'm so in love with this print via MadeByGirl.  I am thinking to put it above my sewing table. But it's not in the price range that I can afford for now. Not after currency conversion and shipping. *sigh*

I think I have to copy this idea instead. Display my fabric collection in frame. Brilliant idea for cheap skate like me, eh? 

Image via cape27blog