Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Raisya turned two!

My sweet adorable baby just turned two on April, 9. How time flies. I still remember every single moment that happened on the day she was born. The joy and love I feel being a mother is indescribable.   And now she's already two. Oh, I missed this little face.
Raisya 2 Days
We had small celebration for her birthday since I didn't have time to prepare for her party. I ordered Raisya's birthday cake from Akma who blog HERE and my previous babysitter made all the preparations for our small "makan-makan'.

Wanna look how this baby turned to adorable, cheeky and pretty 2 years old and still breastfeeding?

Yep, that's her posing for the camera in front of our new mattress. By the way, she is wearing birthday dress that I got her yesterday. It's sort of my birthday present to her. The dress is from Chateau de sable.

It is a French brand and has small store in Pavillion. Look at the packaging! Love 'em!

She always smiling like this.  Who to blame? Definitely her mama. Hahaha... 

See. It's too much.

And finally this is the real face.  Love her. Heart her to bit.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Pom Pom Pillow with Initial

I miss sewing! I haven't been able to sew for almost two months and it's killing me. Like seriously. My focus is now towards decorating our humble nest. I have thousand of ideas  but with limited budget  that keep running on my mind .

The last thing that I've sewn was this.

R for Raisya

Pom pom pillow with initial.  I sewn this mostly because I wanted to reduce my stress level on that day.  I know all of us have something to keep us calm right? Sewing is one of my stress relievers and it really helps.  

The pillow was intentionally made as a throw pillow for my sewing room. I am dreaming to have a sofa bed in my studio and if you remember, I did blogged about it HERE.  

You can see the close up of the initial.  It wasn't very neat as this was my first time stitching a zig zag on an applique. I think I should used tighter stitch length to make it neat.

Now I have the pillow, so where is the sofa bed? Someone please donate it to me.....

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sewing Machine Silhouette

How cool is this free download from A Lemon Squeezy Home

Thanks Christie for sharing this! I've been dreaming about the silhouette since I first saw her sewing machine pendant.  I've been thinking if I could get a similar image to frame it as a wall art in my sewing room. 

The idea came up when I was admiring one of the house tour featured in HERE.  
The owner of the house had brilliantly framed the image of mixer for her kitchen. 

And when I got it for free I couldn't be more happier. 

Here is the final result. I changed the colour of the image to pink ( i loooove pink!) and print it on photo printer paper. 

My sewing room is still WIP. I will share with you the tour once the room completed which I don't know when . =)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Little project for a 'short' weekend

As-salam and weekend greetings all.  Just to let you know that we are finally moved in to our new house. Alhamdulillah.  We have now been in our new home for 2 weeks and still arranging things.  

I always in stress mode thinking that everything was supposed to come together all at once. But after being a follower to this great blog, I agree with them that this whole process of house decorating is a process that will change and evolve over time. After all this is our own house, so we have to take it easy.

By the way, I want to show what I brought home today. It's awesome! It's really turned out as what I imagined. 

In case you are wondering what is this, it's a wall deco that I plan to hang above the sofa. I bought the white stencil-like plastic thing at SSF, Jalan TAR. It's come in set of 3.  As usual, being creative myself (?) I bought along a velvet like fabric at Kamdar (at home furnishing section) as its background and got it framed at a frame shop near my house. I keep the other one until we'd be able to buy a new sofa which I expect it to be much longer than the existing one. 

So for now two is enough! 

Note: I still haven't hang the curtain around the house.  The power drill that I borrowed is not powerful enough to get through the wall ( at the beam).  Anyone knows who can get the job done here in Cheras particularly around Bandar Sri Permaisuri, please? I'm stress!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Yeay for New Camera

I purchased this last Wednesday as a gift for myself this year.

Perhaps no more excuses for not blogging frequently.