Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Baby Project (2) - Reversible Baby Blanket


Hi, frens. How's Ramadhan so far? Mine is good.  I thought I'd be tired and restless now that I'm in my 3rd trimester. Alhamdulillah I can get through the day quite well. 

I purposely made this blanket for the arrival of baby #2 in the hospital. I want to have more pictures of my newborn compared to Raisya. I want to have a picture of my baby snuggled in the softness of Momma's made blanket. Looking back,I wish I would have taken more pictures of Raisya when she was a little baby. I feel sad by just flipping through Raisya's picture folder in my computer.  At that time, I only have old Samsung  phone and inexpensive Olympus point and shoot camera. Sadly we lent the camera to my brother-in-law.  I only left with my camera phone during my confinement. You know that taking pictures from old 4MP or maybe 6MP camera phone wasn't exciting. That's what I felt.

For the reversible blanket, I just cut 30 inch x 30 inch square of flannel and cotton and stitched them together. When you have thousands of label like mine, you just stitched  the label on both sides of the fabric. LOL. 

Fabric : Aqua Sweet Hearts from Aqua and Dot Collection by Michael Miller
Flannel : Unknown


BTS said...

regret not..start shooting at no time..
blanket are nice though..

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